Find connection, Master Your Attention



I am a discreet person. There is something very soothing and liberating about being discreet. It saves you energy and allows you to focus on others.

I like to say hello to people in my neighborhood, the mailman and mailwoman, the kind waiter in the little cottage bar in the park next door (the kind ones are rare around here…), fish men and veggie guys in the grocery store where I do my daily shopping, mechanics who share the garage where my car is parked, the local Starbucks employees (where I live β€˜local’ means almost every Starbucks, or 2 of 3 we have) and Gypsy beggars who operate regularly in front of the Starbuck’s terrace.
Oh yes, and the handsome concierge guys in uniforms working at the fancy hotel nearby .

If you imagine me being one of those grannies looking to kill time, desperate for some company, seeking the eye contact that gives them permission to start conversation… you are so wrong!

For one, I am not a granny… yet πŸ™‚

For two, I am chasing time like most of you.

For three, β€˜hello’ is not a conversation.

And then, I am simply looking for a connection. Not friendship, not company. Connection.

Connection is a very freeing and powerful experience. It happens naturally and spontaneously, lasts only a moment (in which I feel incredibly happy and alive), and rises from the core of my being. All I employ is my full presence, I give the person my full attention. Connection is an amazing energy booster! Try it, I promise it will make your day. But to be able to do it, you need to be master of your attention.

Do you know where your attention goes every night when you go to bed?

And every morning when you wake up?

If you don’t, you better get hold of your long lost sheep. Because it may as well be the most valuable resource you have to start living fully right now.

What does connection mean to you?

40 thoughts on “Find connection, Master Your Attention

  1. By smiling and saying “Hello” you spread so much joy. What a blessed person you are and what a talent you have for spreading goodwill.

    All good wishes,

    • Thanks so much for pointing out the difference between connecting on the physical and astral plains. The main difference is that when connecting with fellow human souls, we use emotions as energy amplifier and connection facilitator. We NEVER use emotions when connecting on astral plains.
      Connection I am talking about comes from being friendly and smiling, certainly, but also the ability to look into person’s eyes with full presence and full awareness of both self and their deeper self (which is their spiritual self, i.e. the eyes really are a window to the soul). This connection happens in the split second of saying ‘hello’, and only with your full attention. This is how we can also connect with the spirit of plants, animals, etc.
      You will use this same ability to connect with the spirit in your fellow human souls, or plants and animals, when on an astral plain. The difference is that on astral plains you are transparent, and your attention, awareness, alertness has to be many times more. This is why, in my experience, one has to master attention before she or he can find connection.
      But I am always open to hear about different experiences and ways of connecting πŸ™‚

      • I know what you are saying and I believe that I do. I met a beautiful family the other day in a casual encounter but I do believe that I connected with this woman and her three children on a soul level. I was simple astonished by how deep the encounter was.

  2. Those moments of true connection are so precious. A laughing comment exchanged at the grocery store. Giving a tissue to someone who’s sneezing. Sharing a smile with the mother of a cute little child. I even had a moment of connection the other day with a border collie, a creature who radiated such intelligence it was amazing. I wonder about the spirit inside that animal.

    • I am soooo glad you mentioned the moment of connection with this beautiful dog. That is exactly the kind of connection I was talking about, recognizing the spirit. It always radiates πŸ™‚
      You are blessed!

    • Since you so seldom sleep, you are blessed with much more awake time. It is much easier to employ your attention while you are awake. And most people run after time, you seem to have more of it πŸ™‚
      I just hope it doesn’t come from lack of sleep but rather from less need to sleep…

      • I think at my age, it’s a bit of both. Everything runs in cycles and this is the awake cycle. I’m as rested from a 20 minute nap as an 8 hour night. Maybe more so. This too shall pass.:)

  3. Connection, to me, means interacting with every thing you come into contact with in the manner that benefits both – – sometimes a simple “hello” and sometimes, a deeper “How are you, really?”

    • Yes, yes! I love how you talk about ‘interacting with every thing you come into contact with in the manner that benefits both’. This is useful to keep in mind when connecting on astral planes as well. thank you!

  4. This was a great question to raise. Thanks for bringing your attention and presence to it.

    I see connection from an energetic standpoint. The smile, hello, or other gesture is the physical representation of what is actually happening at the energetic level. I like your use of “attention” and “presence” because they are tools we use to bring our energy into focus and connect.

  5. thanks for the like on litebeing chronicles. Sindy from bluebutterfliesandme just told me how cool you are and then you emerge in my orbit! Your blog looks amazing so I plan to explore.


  6. How wonderful! I was planning a post about connecting too. I’d love to link back this post when I do. And thank you for following my blog πŸ™‚

  7. You have me thinking with this. A woke today in need to reconnecting with me – my inner peace. I will work on this today because without I am a little lost. Thank you

    • Thanks for sharing! What usually helps me reconnect with myself, apart from meditation and breathwork (which I consider essential), is a brisk walk by the lake, or a favorite cup of coffee, a good laugh or doing something I enjoy, like painting or photography. I think just staying in bed and relaxing helps sometimes too πŸ™‚ Enjoy lazy Sunday… xox

  8. connection, for me, is in the eyes. i love writing words, but i’m not a big ‘talker’. so much power can be conveyed in the eyes – and especially a smile. we can have a whole conversation with someone, and not even ‘see’ them. and i am the first to admit that i don’t always do this. i am exploring my own fears about authentically connecting with people. but it’s all a wonderful discovery. : ) namaste.

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