Special Birthday gift: Coming back home to the One

coming back home

You are the One

How are you my Love
wriggles in my mind,
heat, worry and a sense of calm
overcome my body.
My body burns with
desire to touch yours.

Where are you my Love
my heart cries out loud,
in the dreamland all
is possible.
In the dreamland we
are sleeping together

Yet you are in our bed
and I am in a bed
on two sides of the world.
You are about to wake up
and I am about to fall
On two sides of the world.

And while you will be
in motion
I will be sleepy and still.
In my dream we will meet.
In my dream you are a
You are a shadow I can see.

In my heart you are
the red,
of passion, of strawberries,
of the sun, of roses.
In my eyes you are
the One.
The one who stands with me
through good and bad,
Like a sacred witness.

The one who loves me
and who protects me,
from all the harm one can do
in not seeing how beautiful you are.
You can uncover me
yet make me safe,
by the loving
steady look in your eye.

You can watch me go
and never say anything.
You know I will always be back.
Your calm comes over me
and soothes my soul
so it feels less lonely.
Yes it does need a reminder,
That yes, you are waiting for it,
To come back home.

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