Special shamanic tracking gift to one of my Heros: His Beauty Queen


Her power animal: as the raven sings…

She stepped out
In the morning sun
Her sleepy eyes
Opening lazily.

It’s another beautiful day.

The crows have gathered
in the green meadow
Waiting patiently
for passersby.

Their melody is crude,
Ripping apart
Peace in her heart,
She starts weeping.

 Tears rolling down her cheeks
Wash away all the sorrows,
Shiny tears, shining in her eyes
Disperse quickly as the raven sings.

She knows his song,
It vibrates through her being,
Her soul gathers
Ready to depart.

 In a swift flight
She joins the raven,
Opens her wings
Touches the skies.

Sun is just above her,
Smiling warmly,
Welcoming her back
Through the portal of grace.

There He is standing,
Waiting for his love,
As she walks in beauty
He soaks her scent.

Every single petal
He has ever counted
He throws to her
He vows to her.

She is with him
His beauty queen.

13 thoughts on “Special shamanic tracking gift to one of my Heros: His Beauty Queen

  1. It’s been several weeks now since I journeyed with you and I continue to reap the benefits. My heart chakra is fully open and I feel more inner peace. Recently I came across a ‘third eye’ exercise which I plan to post on my blog under ‘Health Tips’. Feel free to copy and paste this exercise to your blog, if you wish. xxx

    • I am sooo super happy for you Bev! Thanks for sharing on my blog 🙂
      Will make sure to reblog the ‘third eye’ exercise. Will try it as well and let you and the readers know my experience. So cool that we can all benefit from your session! xox

      • I figured can’t be reblogged so here’s the link to your health tips page with much useful information:

        I do similar breathing exercises using different mantras, some of which are common, some were given to me. In my experience this practice is efficient if exercised regularly. Hard for me to say if 3 days is enough since I have been doing this work for many years… It’s definitely worth giving it a try and letting me or Bev know your experiences xox

    • Part II of the exercise is actually done 10 -14 days after the first exercise and then once weekly thereafter. Feel free to copy and paste the exercises from my blog onto yours…as long as you give credit to the website where the information originated. xxx

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