World Oceans Day: To My Ocean Loving Friend

ocean loving friend

Happy World Oceans Day

It may seem like life you know is over.
You do not recognize the landscape you called home.
You feel your home is somewhere else.
Lost in heat of the neverending summer.

You can hear the ocean, waves hitting your shores at night.
You think you should be afraid of their welcoming sound.
But you are not.
You feel your skin burning with the open wounds,
You thought you closed so long ago.

Tougher you have grown on the wild shores.
Part of the landscape you have become.
You have not noticed.
Chained you are to the rocks you call home.
Used you are to the waves splashing your face.

Can you grow out of the rocks you call home?
Can you grow legs that will walk you to another one?
Home with a different landscape. Only sun and sand.
Maybe one or two trees. Tall trees.
Trees with feet. Your feet. Feet that leave no trace.

You are standing alone in the burning sun.
It is warm and pleasant, it doesn’t burn your skin.
Your wounds seem healed, hard as a bark of the tree.
Tall and proud you stand in the sameness of life around.
Finally you can relax. It is all over. And it starts again.
My Ocean loving friend.

Check out the upcoming movie Ocean Planet, by Yann Arthus-Bertrand (aerial photographer and maker of the movie Home)

12 thoughts on “World Oceans Day: To My Ocean Loving Friend

  1. Our Oceans are so important to the survival of ourselves as well as all the species that live within its depths..
    A beautiful poem, .. And many thanks for liking my own posts.. 🙂
    Love and Blessings to you

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