5 thoughts on “Let loose the Inner Child

    • Hehe luv your comment Bev!
      I obviously cant claim any 🙂
      This post was actually inspired by my recent experience of trying capoeira (Brazilian martial arts) for the first time. OMG I felt sooo awkward and embarased… 7 young and handsome men (this is the good part:) who practice since years, and me the only woman and total beginner. We started by playing sort of dodgeball, I stood there like a stump… And the guys were having so much fun! I managed to make myself stay for the entire 2h practice – when I just wished to disappear…
      But when I was reflecting on my stressful (instead of fun) experience, I realized it was all about worrying about how it looked instead of how it felt 😦
      And I remembered how on the beach in Kenya it was so easy to sing, dance and play with local people and let my inner child loose. Will try that in my capoeira practice next Tuesday, yap Im goin back 🙂

  1. I admire your determination! I remember those earlier years when it was more important to look “cool”. Now, people just attribute my child’s play to being eccentric. I always said when I was a young woman that I wanted to be an eccentric old woman! I’m getting there! Have fun and let loose at your next capoeira session. I hope you will post some photos??

    • Hehe that should be an additional challenge… But… I always encourage my clients to take risks, because I know that when we take bold moves we leap 🙂 Soooo, yessss, I will, I will post some photos of me leaping 🙂 Thanks for that! xox

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