You are my love
and I know it,
The only one
and I show it.
My love, my fear,
my pride, my gear,
My passion, my life,
my courage, my fright.
All of it you are
and so much more.

My story I can tell you.
You know me so well.
You know my existence.
In your soul I dwell.
We come from the same place
like brother and sister.
Where we come from
there is no blister.
Only bliss and happiness
of being united,
That is what I yearn for
I cannot hide it.

My breath, my heart,
my feelings, my might,
All as one, beats as one,
All of it at once.
It is a lot for me
I think sometimes.
But that is who I am.
Naked and true
I stand before you.
You can take me
as you wish.
I offer myself
on a dish.

From when I met you
I am yours,
Have always been.
But have not seen
the power of who you are.
Your smile, your smell,
your beautiful heart,
Your gentle manner
way of being, so
pure, so clean.
Your good wise eyes
I love to see,
Thinking of you
and what might be.

No end to our story I know.
Will we spoil it?
I don’t know it.
I know you in infinity.
Hidden in your arms
nothing else exists, no harm.
Only love and light
Harmony so bright
No yelling, no stress,
no breaks, no aims.
Just pure existence
of you and me,
being together,
feeling free.

I don’t want to share
Not even a tiny peace,
All is mine but it cannot be.
Split in million
Million and one,
Just that one
and I am done.
Nothing else I ask
Only that one.
If you give it to me
I am done.

We are one.

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