How do I practice spirituality 1: I Breathe

I often get asked about how do I practice spirituality, and I jokingly say “I Don’t” 🙂 . I live spirituality. Life is a spiritual experience, whether we are aware of it or not. I discern spiritual people by their acts in life, not by their practice…

Now, when it comes to cultivating awareness (of the spirit), yes spiritual practice is important. I have clients from all walks of life, who are spiritually aware in different degrees. But to all of them I say the same thing: “Get your basics right!”. All too often we try to do too much at the beginning and end up not doing anything… Moderate but constant effort is primordial!

So here are my 5 basics. I apologize in advance to my Facebook followers for some repetition… If you are not a follower yet, but would like to become, click on the link and ‘like’ my page. Please feel free to share any comments or links either here on my blog or on my FB page.
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spiritual practice 1, breathe

Clear up your skies

1. Breathing
It may seem like breathing is the most natural function of the body, yet so many of us do not know how to breathe properly. Our breathing is often undermined by the stresses of our everyday lives, and by the way we sit, stand, talk, walk, sleep etc. I remember when I just started meditating for the first time, I kept hearing this voice in my head telling me: “your spirit is in your breath, pay attention to your breathing”. I have later learnt that ‘spiritus’ in Latin means ‘breath’.  The ancient Egyptians believed that Ka, the vital essence, was breathed into each person making them alive. Even the Bible talks about the Holy Spirit being ‘the breath within you’.  In India and China, the subtle life force energies ‘prana’ and ‘chi’ are  brought into the body by breathing them in.

No matter our beliefs, our breathing is intimately connected to all aspects of our being. The first thing I notice about new clients is the way they breathe. The way they breathe unmistakably indicates their state of mind and tensions in their physical and energy bodies. I not only use shamanic breathing to help move energies for my clients, but also engage them so that they learn how to breathe healing energies in, and energy blockages out, of their bodies.

Read more about how even scientists slowly start to recognize, that with a steady conscious practice, controlled breathing can alter our brain and even the expression of our genes:
Forbe’s article Breathing And Your Brain: Five Reasons To Grab The Controls

Here’s a link to a video* demonstrating an excellent breathing exercise I practice for about 15 minutes every morning. If you are an experienced yoga or breathing practitioner you may want to do it sitting, like in the video, and at a faster pace. If you are a beginner, or like freedom of movement (like me 🙂 ), you may want to do it standing with your two feet slightly apart but firmly planted on the ground.

(*The beautiful woman in the video, Rochelle Schieck the founder of Qoya is a dear Shaman girlfriend. Qoya is aimed at helping women remember our wise, wild and free nature through a combination of yoga, dance and sensual movement. If any of you WP galpals ever have a chance to attend one of Rochelle’s classes or retreats, it will be the best thing you will ever do!)

2. Meditation – How do I practice spirituality 2: I Meditate

3. Physical exercise – How do I practice spirituality 3: I Exercise

4. Eating healthy foods – How do I practice spirituality 4: I Eat Healthy Foods

5. Having fun – How do I practice spirituality 5: I Have Fun

8 thoughts on “How do I practice spirituality 1: I Breathe

  1. So true, Breath is all important, and many do not learn to breathe deeply, we only use the top half our our lungs instead of pulling the breath down… Nice to see you giving these set of important steps 🙂
    Blessings Sue

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