How do I practice spirituality 3: I Exercise

I often get asked about how do I practice spirituality, and I jokingly say “I Don’t” 🙂 . I live spirituality. Life is a spiritual experience, whether we are aware of it or not. I discern spiritual people by their acts in life, not by their practice…

Now, when it comes to cultivating awareness (of the spirit), yes spiritual practice is important. I have clients from all walks of life, who are spiritually aware in different degrees. But to all of them I say the same thing: “Get your basics right!”. All too often we try to do too much at the beginning and end up not doing anything… Moderate but constant effort is primordial!

So here are my 5 basics. I apologize in advance to my Facebook followers for some repetition… If you are not a follower yet, but would like to become, click on the link and ‘like’ my page. Please feel free to share any comments or links either here on my blog or on my FB page.
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1. Breathing – How do I practice spirituality 1: I Breathe

2. Meditation – How do I practice spirituality 2: I Meditate 

spiritual practice 3, exercise

Your body, your spirit temple

3. Physical exercise
I won’t lie to you, even if I am naturally athletic, I struggle with physical exercise.  I am telling you the truth, only truth and nothing but the truth 🙂 . I go running only because I live by a beautiful lake. I do zumba because it’s fun and there’s usually really good music that makes you want to move. And I started capoeira classes recently for the challenge of learning something new (you can read more about it in the comments section of my Let loose the Inner Child post). I have tried yoga, chi-gong, tai-chi, etc. and it didn’t last… I love skiing and swimming, but they tend to be occasional activities for me. And when I am in my laziest of moods, I just go (fast) walking outside.

Notice, it is not that I love to exercise, I have to find other motivators to do it, but the moral of the story: I do it! So again, it is not about what you practice, any physical exercise that suit you is good enough, but you have to make sure you are doing it regularly. Even if it is just going for walks, it has to be 30min a day at minimum to have any effect on your health and body stamina. There are many other fun ways to exercise, such as skating, roller blading, horse back riding, biking, dancing etc. Let your heart choose, it will help your enthusiasm 🙂 .
(yes, I am fully aware that you gentlemen may feel left out… playing football is great too! but watching football won’t do it hehe)

If ever you do not see a link between physical exercise and spirituality, here’s a hint: “Your body is your temple”. Having a healthy and strong body is key to balancing your physical and spiritual existence. People often think of shamanism as being very spiritual but I find that I need to be in really good shape physically to do my work efficiently. Some of my major spiritual breakthroughs, and past life memories, happened while running. I also find that running helps my spiritual alertness and distance healing abilities. I seem to be able to focus incredibly well while running and heal with more power. My goal is not really longevity, I want my health span to equal my life span. How about you?

Read more about how adding exercise to your lifestyle sparks your brain function at Sparkling

An M.D. on How & Why to Do Interval Workouts, based on Dr. Mark Hyman’s book The UltraMind solution, I follow his blog on Huffington Post

Spiral Energetics by Lujan Matus, a mysterious modern day shaman who uses the intentional physical movement in a shamanic way (I have never practiced with him but feel tempted 🙂 )

Shamanic Daoyin Exercises for Health

In Congo, Street Children Find Hope In Brazilian Martial Art Of Capoeira at

4. Eating healthy foods – How do I practice spirituality 4: I Eat Healthy Foods

5. Having fun – How do I practice spirituality 5: I Have Fun

8 thoughts on “How do I practice spirituality 3: I Exercise

  1. Love it, ” I don’t “either, Spirituality is a way of Life, how we treat others, I totally agree…. We need no temple other than our own inner temple ,, I walk and garden, thats my only exercise along with some Qi Gong exercises which includes breathing in the Universal energy..
    Meditation I do, and again there is no right or wrong way,, Just what suits us…
    I can either visualise as I take myself off with music or just zone out into the silence…

    Lovely set of posts you have given us on Spirituality 🙂

  2. This is a certainly a great, simple and practical list. Just imagine how many people there are in the world who don’t really breathe. I think I need to visit your blog more often for some fellow spirituality. Let’s live spirituality! 🙂

  3. I am right there with you on the exercise bit — my best ideas and breakthroughs often happen while I’m on the move. Another thing to remember is that meditation and exercise can go hand in hand…it’s not necessary to stay seated to meditate!

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