Swallowed to Death

swallowed to deathI was riding with you
On a dirt road
Wind in my hair
tears down my face.

I was feeling excited
by the unknown.
I was feeling scared
not knowing.

I don’t know why
I trusted you.
When you walked me
straight to my death.

I saw you laughing
with the fire of a dragon
coming out of your mouth.
When you stood up
a huge shadow followed you
wherever you went.

I was laughing
and I followed you
with the storm in my heart.
Deep inside
I knew your fire was choking me
but I didn’t want to see.

As I stepped outside
the wind was blowing
it was ripping me apart.
The blinding light
of the morning sun
melted my very being.

I was disappearing
in front of your eyes
and you didn’t care.
You were yelling
but I couldn’t hear
overwhelmed by pain.

The green pasture
faded in color
it was losing its shape.
My pale cheeks
started trembling
causing an earthquake.

Please, please,
please save me
have mercy on my soul,
Don’t take my last breath away
with the cold soulless blade.
But I have fallen, I am dead.

12 thoughts on “Swallowed to Death

  1. Wonderful poem, somehow I was thinking right away that the first line is a perfect way to go through life: “I was riding with you, On a dirt road, Wind in my hair, tears down my face.” as it can lead to so many things (brilliance, experience, happiness, sadness and then death).

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