My Thanks Giving

thank you


Sun for being my long forgotten friend
Who knows me to my bones and
Shines on them throughout my being
Shedding light on every cell
Illuminating my heart and my smile.

Clouds for coming by from time to time
Waving hello in different shapes
Making me laugh at your marvelous imagination
Making me cry when your passing is too long.
Reminding me of the sun, my long forgotten friend
Who lives in you always and forever
Moving along at a steady pace.

Skies for being so blue, like eyes of the ocean,
So vast, so free, like the being I want to be.
Your color changes, yet you are the same,
Your space can hold every breath,
It welcomes the wind, it welcomes the storm,
Always in the background,
So we can see the sun, the moon, the stars and clouds
Light and dark, and the grey,
Always in the background, a happy place.

Rocks and stones, sand and ground,
For your sameness in your originality
All of you together, from different landscapes,
Shores and beaches, deserts, hills and mountains,
So unique, yet all the same.
Even when I step on you, hidden from my heart
You smile at my careless walk and
You know I will still recognize your way to my soul.
I can pick you up and take you home, or
Let you pick me in your silent observation.

18 thoughts on “My Thanks Giving

  1. This is a lovely poem! I’ve always loved the elements, and of course here in Canada we have snow to look forward to each year! When my children were little, we used to sing “I love the sun, I love the sun, I love the sun, and the sun loves me.” I don’t remember where I first heard that song but it stuck with me over the years.

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