Joshua Tree (my favorite place in the whole world)

joshua treeI look at you
How tall and green
Alone you stand.
And I wonder truly
How is it to be you?

To watch so many
Days and nights
go by
Like a silent witness.
Witness to the land
Of an indescribable beauty.
Where everything
Has its own place.

Seemingly peaceful
Seemingly the same
Yet if I look
What do I see?
Sea of sand
With its own corals
That can sting you
If you come too close.

Singing fish,
Golden, brown,
Black and yellow
And those tiny ones
Colorful and fast.

They are calling you
If you can hear their voice
They are singing to you
Initiating you into their tune.
Try and whistle
Next time you are there
And you will melt
Into the picture
So perfectly nice
So perfectly well
That you will forget
You are still there.

Yet it stands
Tall and green
Always on its own
In the sea of sand.

6 thoughts on “Joshua Tree (my favorite place in the whole world)

    • Yes very sacred! And I love that pic, I wanted to make it header for my blog but some people thought it’s not vibrant enough 🙂
      It’s such a vibrant place though and an amazing tree!
      Thanks for visiting and commenting. xox

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