The Waves of Hope

waves of hope

The waves of hope
Hitting the shores
Just slightly nagging
But their splashing is healing.

Their every little drop
And with every heart beat
We are living again.

Every moment is a renewal
Every second is a chance
To grab life by its tail
And climb bravely to its head.

Holding on to its ears
Until in the beautiful silence
Everything dissolves.

18 thoughts on “The Waves of Hope

  1. I love seeing waves of hope hitting the shores! They never end! It’s like you don’t have to swim out to sea to find hope, it comes to you whether you like it or not, and never stops coming. I think, maybe, we just don’t see it. Hmmm… food for thought.

  2. Very nice way the poem dovetails the amazing photo, D. I like the last two lines in particular. How fUNNy is this: I’ve been meaning to revisit, have wondered how you are. I’ve been chasing my tail. Thanks so much for making it easier for me to pop on in. I’m glad you enjoyed Sleeping Beauty. Xxxx Diana

    • Hiii sorry for this late reply, Xmas craziness… hehe
      I am really glad to hear from you! For some reason I don’t get your updates in my reader any more. But was lucky to find you while looking at some poetry posts.
      I am happy that your readership expanded so much, I know that this is what you hoped for and you really deserve it. You write with such passion!
      Wishing you and your family truly magical holidays xox

      • What a lovely greeting, D. In this cyberocean, it’s funny how it is possible to bump into old friends. So glad we did. I’ve had issues along the lines of what you share. SUPPORT would say that you’re no longer following, then. My husband – and some others – were unfollowed without their knowledge. You could try refollowing – if you’d like. If you ever do and can manage a moment to let me know…I’d love hear in the future if I do show up on your Reader again so I can report it if need be. I thought you had unfollowed so I’m at least glad for the update. You’ve had some beautiful, inspirational posts the last several months. As to my expanded readership: an unexpected, amazing part of the journey. Diana

      • PS In the past, Support has had me ask readers to chk their delivery settings.

        READER –> Blogs I Follow —> Edit

        Refollowing would make no difference if this were off. If you happen to be able to update me, I’ll be grateful, D. Next post in about 12 hrs: Black Santa.

        Either way, don’t forget to enjoy the holiday prep.

  3. “..Every moment is a renewal Every second is a chance To grab life by its tail And climb bravely to its head….” Can’t agree more. Every moment is a chance to live, face the fear, face the challenge and live

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