The roads were wicked slippery…

…But I soared high


Hiiii and Happy New Year everyone! I took a break from WP (and from just about everything else) and enjoyed the holidays… in Canada!

You have heard of Canadian legendary winters of -20, -30, -50˚C and more with the windshield. It’s cold anyways, but they like to add to it, the ‘windshield factor’ I mean (I would giggle every time I heard them say that, or maybe they say ‘windchill’?). We picked a rough time to visit Canada with the extreme cold temperatures and freezing rain. I was hoping to catch up with my dear Canadian blogger friend, Bev (check out her always interesting Ghost Talk blog at, but we both lost power and heat and got iced in. So our meeting never happened 😦 .

I really enjoyed my holidays in Canada. There’s something to waking up to a common suburban neighborhood transformed into a wintery fairy land following snow and ice storms (which ironically also caused the nightmarish power outages). The trees looked beautiful dressed in the ice coats and, when the sun would peak through, the frozen sidewalk got that almost blinding special glaze. Have you ever tried to jump off ice? And land on your feet (instead of your butt)? It’s a tricky affair! It asks for a little bit of craziness, an adventurous spirit and some courage. Gotta deal with that fear of falling… hard. Your butt hitting the ice: oooouuuch! It’s a risky, challenging, but fun learning experience. With a little bit of practice, and a bruised butt 🙂 , I finally managed to jump high off that slippery base and ground safely… once! But that one time, I was just hanging in the air at the highest point of my jump, and I saw the horizon dissolve magically in front of my eyes. In that moment I knew I wanted more of this high and hang feeling.

Fast forward to New Year’s Eve, the weather improved, the ice started melting and we decided we could attend a fun party at a friend’s house. Every person was supposed to come wearing an original hat and share their one New Year’s resolution on the wall. I came hat-less and resolution-less. If I have read through that party invitation, I would have brought my hat and might have won the most original hat contest that night. But I didn’t. As for the resolution list, I thought I had nothing to share… My resolutions  are never written in words, kept on walls and in to-do-lists. My resolutions are in my visions, my intentions, my experiences and in the feelings associated with the experiences.

I know that in 2014 I will  aim for that high and hang feeling. I can see myself jumping off any surface and soaring high. And when I  am high enough I hang. I pause in silence. No words, no thoughts. Silence. Miracles happen in silence. Some people choose more conventional ways to silence. Not me. I don’t want to sit my way to silence anymore. Some people keep banging their head against the wall until they either drop dead or learn to walk through the wall to the other side. I don’t claim I can walk through walls but I did learn to see through walls, see the other side. And thereafter I stopped banging my head – for the most part (hehe). I may as well find my way to silence by soaring high in 2014. My New Year’s resolution for 2014: Jump, jump, jump my way to silence 🙂 Oh, and yes, start wearing hats more!

“Change and growth take place when a person has risked himself and dares to become involved with experimenting with his own life.” ~ Terry Orlick, In Pursuit of Excellence

16 thoughts on “The roads were wicked slippery…

  1. Wonderful that you had such an amazing time.. I have to admit Canada is an amazing country.. and I visited for a long holiday in 2000 and loved every minute I fell in love with Sulphur Mountain Banff and Jasper. We visit May/June.. but snow was still deep in places.. .. I couldn’t agree more.. Keep Jumping, Keep Living, and embracing Its only when we explore our inner slippery slopes we travel further along our own roads of discovery..
    Welcome back…
    Blessings Sue xox

    • Hi Sue, it’s great to be back to such a warm welcome!! I am genuinely happy to hear from everybody here at WP. Lot of catching up to do…
      I would love to discover more of Canada, it is such a beautiful, vast and diverse country. But hopefully in a warmer weather 🙂 .
      You are right on the spot my wise Friend, I actually was talking about my inner slippery slopes… I find that doing shamanic work really forced me to be more disciplined and stable in many ways, but maybe also too cautious in other ways…
      Can’t wait to explore your latest posts! luv xox

  2. Nice to have you back, and there is something wonderful about taking time away from the ‘modern world’ and the computer and simply enjoying life for what it is. Agree, there is something about extreme weather, especially in winter, that while treacherous is still so beautiful. Love the photo, and hope that ’14 will take you to new heights. Happy New Year.

  3. Happy New Year! What a wacky but positive story. Ice really scares me, maybe because I do not like to slip and lose control and fall! But the more risks I take, the more interesting the ride.

    Keep soaring sister!

    xxx Linda

    • Heey Linda Girl, I missed you 🙂 . How have you been? (Gotta read through your posts I guess 🙂 ) Hope this year is treating you well so far.
      I have to admit that I am born risk-taker and it took a lot of hard work to correct that so that things in my life would make more sense and run smoothly. I definitely find thrill in doing shamanic work but something inside of me is saying that this is the year of higher risks – and this honestly gives me an additional thrill 🙂 xox

  4. I enjoyed reading about your adventure in Canada! We are digging out from another snowstorm that hit us yesterday…temperature is -14 and the “wind chill” factor is -22…a little warmer than the temperatures you experienced during your visit. Have a great New Year with lots of positive surprises! Beverley xxx.

    • Hey Bev, I really feel for you! This has been one crazy winter in the North Americas. And in Europe everybody is complaining about no snow…
      I loooove surprises, especially good ones 🙂 xox

  5. Glad you enjoyed Canada. Here in Winnipeg it is frigid almost always during the winter months (-30C without the “wind chill” is typical). We like to think of it as a test of strength lol. When people ask where I’m from in Canada and I say Winnipeg…their immediate reply is usually “Oh, it’s really cold there, right!?”. Those ice storms out east can be really wicked.

    • But it really is a test of strengths! And I almost passed 🙂
      Thanks for visiting, nice to see new faces in the New Year. Just so you know I love street photography, it’s one of my passions. Will sure explore your blog some more. xox

  6. welcome back my dear friend – so glad you had fun in canada! i wish you could have jetted over to my side for a visit – but next time! it’s a lot warmer where i am hehe. i look forward to another year of connection and reading your words of juicy wisdom. here’s to high n hangin’ 2014. xo aleya

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