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Tarot readings at the Full Moon party in Koh Phangan, Thailand

A really good galpal recently asked me why is it that I am the only spiritual healer she knows who walks the talk and has the kind of energy you would expect? (Boosting my ego… c’mon she is a good friend, not a client… 🙂 )
I wanted to understand more about where her question was coming from before answering. She said that she is so fed up with people claiming to be ‘spiritual’ but are full of negative energy and b…shit, that she is becoming allergic to any spirituality talk. And she lost faith that spiritual healers, who she says evidently need help themselves, can actually help anybody else…

My (controversial) answer is this: good intentions do not make a good spiritual healer. Being impeccable does. Spiritual healer may have the best of intentions and still do harm. Most people associate sorcery with doing harm intentionally. There is actually a much finer line between spiritual healing (shamanism) and spiritual harm (sorcery). Sorcery is about the abuse of power, even with the best of intentions. Shaman uses power to be of service to the world and her intent has to be impeccable. Shaman is amoral, meaning  she has her own set of morals , and acts with integrity.

Shaman is a person of knowledge and power. If she doesn’t learn and consciously practice how to hold this power, she may easily become a sorcerer to herself or others. Self-sorcery is about our self-talk, it is about our own language patterns. The more power we have the more we can harm ourselves. The worst kind of sorcery is often self-induced. It is about not knowing or not being aware of our internal dialogue, not being able to stop the incessant inner chatter. If Shaman doesn’t know her shadow and doesn’t acknowledge her darker aspects, whether they are of personal, family, cultural or societal nature, she gives away her power and becomes vulnerable. Some simple questions one can regularly ask to help bring own shadow aspects to light are around: what am I most afraid of in finding out about myself/my family/my culture/my world and what are the biggest lies I tell myself?

“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.” – Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas

Apart from self-sorcery, the unintentional sorcery may happen when Shaman (or any spiritual healer for that matter) mixes up the place of service with sacrifice. Shaman is supportive and compassionate, but she does not get emotionally involved. When we become emotionally involved, we start identifying with what the other person is going through and we inevitably start projecting. Or we may want to help the person by doing the work for them. Projecting strong emotions, such as shame, guilt, anger, rage and fear, is harmful to self and others. A well trained Shaman knows how and where to hold that ‘bad’ energy. She knows that there is a lesson behind all fear and suffering. She trusts that her clients can resolve their issues and she holds the sacred and safe space for them to make their own steps towards healing. Shaman holds the vision of their healed self for them. This is not possible when spiritual healer gets emotionally involved…

The unintentional sorcery may happen when spiritual healers are poorly trained or unprepared for the work they are undertaking. Or when they do not create the sacred space and protect their clients properly. Or when they get involved with the intentional sorcery  by ‘returning’ the harmful energy of  spells, curses, cords etc. to the originator. An impeccable spiritual healer works on behalf of all her clients, not only the ones who asked her help, but all those who are impacted in the process of healing (that may include the originator of the intentional sorcery for example). Shaman is always negotiating with spirits, on behalf of her client and on behalf of the world.

I know more than a few spiritual healers who walk the talk and act with integrity. But they are the ones who do their own work first. They know their shadow and learn their red flags. They are the ones who live their life the way they do their work. Impeccable. All of the time. With reverence for all life and all spirit 🙂 .

45 thoughts on “Spiritual Integrity

    • Hey Barb, so great to hear from you! Hope you are enjoying your new home and sun filled days. Have some catching up to do over at your blog. For some reason, whenever I take a little break from WP I lose many blogs I usually follow… Anyways thanks for reading this post xox

      • Hi Ms Shaman… IAM not moving until beginning may… IAM currently visiting my son and grandchildren in Florida, enjoying the sunny weather… take care barbara x

  1. Amazing truth and integrity. I am certainly not in that place, I have many lurking shadows. The work I have done dealing with them scared me. I know how but avoid dealing with them.

    Thank you so much for sharing and being a friend.

    ❀✫ ღ✿ƸӜƷ ✿ღ ✫❀

    • I think you are in that place! How else would you know that you have many lurking shadows? (i.e. it means you recognize your red flags) And that shadow work is scary – yes it is, for all of us! (I summarized the very many personal and client experiences in one poem “Shadow” http://shamanictracking.com/2013/02/27/shadow/, which you may have read already…)
      It’s you, you are my very first WP friend ♥ ♥ ♥

      • Wow I was, how very cool. How did I get so lucky? I shall go reread the poem. I remember last time I did the work, which admittedly was years ago, I was in a workshop ran by a friend of mine, and it was in a system full of shadows but those shadows, even though a part of us, when observed were dark and ugly.

  2. Awesome post! It points out to me why I have shied away from some who have offered their help to me…and why I know I have more work to do before I can continue my journey as healer! Thank you!

    • I think it’s smart to walk away from any spiritual healer/healing when it doesn’t feel right. It is really important to be comfortable and confident when giving your permission to a healer to work with you. And also when choosing clients to work with when you are the healer. You shouldn’t shy away from saying ‘no’, cause any healer with integrity will understand (and not get ego hurt 🙂 ). You can read about how I walked away from my first ayahuasca experience because I didn’t feel comfortable with the person leading the ceremony (I really struggle calling him a shaman only due to his veeery limited experience…)
      And I truly respect your decision to continue your own healing journey before you feel ready to work with others. Much love, light and sunshine kisses to you on your journey xox
      p.s. I really loved reading about your four ‘kids’, they are beautiful!

  3. Your post is so spot on..The phrase comes to mind Healer heal thyself first!.. 🙂 Something I have had to learn to do also.. and if we all look deep enough I guess there is still a few more shadows we can ‘Dust away’ 🙂

    As always your posts speak truth and gets to the point.. and for those seeking they need only take a deep look into their reflections and see what looks back at them.. 🙂
    Blessings for your insights..
    Love Sue xox

    • That is so true Sue, the shadow work is a never ending affair 🙂 And one needs to know when to take a break and peak under their own rug for things that were brushed under…
      I think that mirror work (staring at your own reflection) is one of the most scary exercises and always left me with a very uncomfortable feeling deep down. But it’s vert efficient!
      Thanks for sharing your wisdom ♥ xox

  4. ‘If she doesn’t learn and consciously practice how to hold this power, she may easily become a sorcerer to herself or others.’

    That is almost exactly what my gran used to say, that it is not enough to hold power but one must always be aware of it and the dangers of loose practice and arrogance. You continue to learn and grow as does what is carried within. Power takes its direction from us and if we are lazy or arrogant or even too invested that is when imbalance occurs and from that comes dissonance which is harmful for all parties. It’s the reason she never trained my mother or my sister as while they were good people they were easily distracted from their purpose and always a little volatile. I think she was relieved there was at least one female she could train lest the legacy disappear or worse be misused.

    • Thanks so much for visiting and feedback. I love love your blog, it looks so colorful, diverse and super interesting. Will definitely be back to explore more. Especially the naked yoga class in NY 🙂 Americans are always so contradictory and full of surprises 🙂 xox

      • Your very welcomed and thanks for showing interest 🙂 Im from Ny so I may stop in on a class and test my comfort level being in the nude O_O haha. You have an interesting blog as well I learn from anything dealing with Shaman rituals and customs! I had an interesting magical journey last night that i will report about soon. Still deciphering the meaning

  5. This is such an important mental check!….and I am so glad I have found your writings, yet again. I used to follow you with my old blog Life with Lelah….but that was phased out and a new has been born. sometimes we just need to leave the room and turn the lights off…and then come back later and paint it ; ) I am inspired by your work and your words! Happy Spring.

    • Welcome back!!! Great to hear from you, thanks so much for stopping by.
      Loving your new blog name and the new paints 🙂 Following and will make sure to take the time to explore more.
      To the ones who remember how to live with the natural world 😉 xox

  6. I love this and I love that I see so many of my blog buddies here in the comments! This resonates to all of us and we are thankful for the insight. I am certainly far from where I would like to be in this arena, but I have come so far from where I used to be! Before, I used to spit out a lie like it was nothing and I certainly sought to deceive others if it suited my purpose. Since beginning this journey, Spirit has taken this from me. I want more from my higher self and this means I have to be that which I seek. There will always be those other darker desires or practices that I used to have, things that I have overcome. They call to me everyday. This could be the “devil” some speak of. The more I want and desire to help others and spread the love, the easier it is to to be a truthful person who honors their word and treats others like I want to be treated. It’s really amazing when I think about it, the changes I have gone through since asking for this in my life.

  7. Beautifully written and I imagine timely for many – I know the road your friend is walking – I, too, became so discouraged as I met with those I thought could help only to find they were incapable of it – fortunately, I finally came across one who did help– You! Thank you 🙂

    • Hey TamrahJo, thanks so so much for this comment. I am very honored and humbled that I could help. You and your lovely sons are always in my heart and on my mind. And I am really super happy to hear from you ❤ xox

      • You helped us so very much – but, tis that time of year and I still miss him so much! Time spent here this a.m. reminded me of both my journey and his and brought me comfort – Thank You!

      • You are so welcome! I think it’s perfectly normal that you miss him and any loving and devoted mother, such as you, would always always love and miss her children. Remembering your both respective journeys and feeling comfort instead of pain is a huuuge step forward and I am very proud of you and the work you have done. Very very hard work, I believe the hardest any of us could ever have to do… And this is what makes my work always so totally worth every little bit of my energy 🙂 Much love and blessings xox

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