8 thoughts on “Lady Tree

      • hi,
        I think that as the next 10 years emerge more will be written about it. Of course, Ken Wilber has and my guess is that Andew Cohen has as well. But, it will be from women that the true fourth turning will come and is coming.

        I am meditating on how to write about it, myself. At essence, the masculine principle has permeated everything of our collective understandings. (this is not a dis of male beings in any way.) But the feminine principle interacts with all existence in a way other than how the masculine principle does. Water flowing down a mountain is feminine. The mountain rising from the rock bed is masculine. Placenta, fetus, womb, and pregnant woman are ONE, inseparable. Somehow this inseparability – as in truly cannot exist without all aspects or not in a state a being (non-pregnant for example), this is what lies behind the fourth turning in my estimation.

      • Thanks so much for sharing all this info! I would love to read your post about this when you get to it.
        I thought I also saw somewhere that the Dalai Lama said that it is the (Western) women that can “save the world” – but am not sure if and in what context he said it…
        I personally believe that it is the feminine principle that is behind all creation 🙂 xox

      • Yes, I think you would find congruence with the idea of creation being feminine energetically in most traditions. And, of course, when the world’s religions were feminine based, then everyone understood and honored the Great Mother principle.

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