Stuck in Suffering


love suffering

Don’t touch me no more
Your every touch
Gives me false hope
That you will love me again

My poor suffering soul
Undone it hounts
The souls of those who are loved

Reminding forever
That love ain’t blind
That love ain’t selfless
That love won’t save my suffering soul

18 thoughts on “Stuck in Suffering

    • Hey Mike, great to hear from you! One of the first lessons I learnt while learning shamanism, and working on my own past, is that pain happens to everybody and is unavoidable but suffering is optional. Gotta keep reminding myself 😉
      Love in the end is always wonderful ღ xox

  1. Understanding that yes love hurts, and we can wound as well as be wounded.. The trick is understanding we choose to hang onto it…And its our choice to suffer from it.. It took me time to learn this.. But once I did.. We feel a ton lighter! as we shed the burdens we carry needlessly 🙂

  2. Such heartfelt words that ripples through anyone who has experience unrequited love… As painful a feeling as “Your every touch gives me false hope that you will love me again” there is spark inside that is lit and I think it can lead to even greater things. Once again, tremendous words!

    • Exactly! I know it sounds like a lot of suffering but I also believe that that spark keeps us going and, used constructively, helps us create a better love. You picked up on it so well, I’m impressed 🙂 xox

      • Really is the key, isn’t it? Life is going to have tough moments, so using it to create something positive is a gift we all need to chase. Have a great weekend 🙂

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