7 thoughts on “I Rise

    • Hihihi talking about the rise of the feminine, check out this interesting post about an unusual exhibition http://storiesfromthebelly.com/2014/04/18/facing-the-vagina/
      Thanks for your mention about the Earth Day, it’s kind but unnecessary. You are so connected to our Earth ALL of the time and that’s way more important. My post was an impro cause Im travelling and have no access to my ‘tools’ but I felt like doing something to honor Her. Luv xox

      • Thank you for the Link, I went along and got so absorbed in her honest approach to our bodies.. Thank you.. Its rare you can find someone who speaks about the unspeakable we women have been told is not good to talk about for so long..
        The feminine definitely gave birth in that exhibition LOL 🙂 again thank you 🙂

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