Taking your Projections On a Ride, part 1

“There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” – Carl Jung


Florida Keys sunsets full of color


Magic path through the pine trees

I remember visiting Florida Keys once and falling in love with the beauty, peace and quiet of its small and uninhabited islands. I stayed in a small port, a favorite spot of local fishermen and a few boat owners who would stop by for fuel and friendly chats. There was only one bakery, a bike ride away, through a narrow path surrounded by very tall wonderfully scented pine trees. They were hiding the presence of the mischievous little tree fairies who, if you are not careful, could transport you and trap you into some ages old memories. But I would shake the memories off eagerly focused on the yummy smell of the fresh baked bagels of my bakery (which looked like it came straight out of an indie movie from the 70s). Every morning I enjoyed every bite of my favorite cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese. And a simple black coffee. My days would start with the most stunning sunrise and end with the sunsets full of color. Pure magic 🙂 .


The Mallory Square crowd

Then one day we decided to visit Key West. We came right in for the famous sunset celebration at the Mallory Square. I was somewhat bothered by the huge crowd gathered at the dock for sunset watching, thinking how much more I enjoyed my sunsets from my little port… I did like watching the street artists and the fun crowd who danced away at the local bar. When the night descended upon us, we decided to move on and take a stroll on the streets of Key West. It was Presidents Day, so thousands of visitors and party goers were descending upon the streets of Key West as well. We stopped at a bar to people watch. A fairly common activity all of us humans, all around the world, occasionally enjoy (have you ever noticed how Parisians neatly align their bar chairs in several rows all facing the street 🙂 ). Yet, this was the only place I had ever seen put up an official sign: ‘a perfect place to people watch’. Ha!  Who could resist that?!


The Mallory Square dancers

So there I was, sipping my drink, people watching. And I was thinking to myself, wow it’s interesting how many people are crooked around here. Hmmm crooked hit me as an uncommon word for me to use, yet somehow it described perfectly what I was observing. At the same time, that’s some serious judging going on, so I kept looking to see if my eyes were deceiving me. But no. They really were crooked. Everywhere I looked I kept seeing crooked noses, crooked hair, crooked teeth, crooked smiles, crooked shoulders, crooked ways of standing and walking, crooked ways of talking, crooked thoughts and crooked hearts. It was the longest list of crookedness I could ever come up with. What a sad place, I thought, full of crooked unhappy people.

Then I looked at myself and I went like, OMG I AM CROOKED. I am so totally crooked. And I am so totally sad and unhappy. Only unhappy people could make such unhappy judgements. About the way people look, about the way people behave, about the way they think, and even about the way they feel… Then I remembered how happy I was in my little port. And how I found everything beautiful there. And I realized that when I give myself what I need, I feel happy and loving. And I see the world with a different set of eyes!

But I needed to take my projections for a ride to realize that. From the little port, through the pine wood, by the mischievous little tree fairies, to the bakery, to Key West sunset watching, to people watching, to watching myself, back to the little port – it’s just that this one is my inner little port. My inner piece of heaven 🙂 .

How often do you people watch? Dare taking your projections for a ride. Imagine sitting in a bar, with your favorite gossip person, people watching from above, sitting comfortably in your tall bar chair. What kind of conversation is likely to be going on? Say your projections out loud, using ‘they’, ‘he’ and ‘she’ (ex. this is how I used the word ‘crooked’: She has such crooked hair. This guy looks weird, it seems like he has some crooked thoughts on his mind. Look at this couple, they are so awkward together, he holds her in a totally crooked way.). Feel free to express your feelings and emotions, use your typical language, but do restrain from using abusive words and aggressive tone – loud doesn’t equal aggressive. Be loud! You need to hear your own thoughts and projections.

Now imagine looking down, deep into yourself. What do you see? Hint: we are usually projecting on others what we cannot see in ourselves… What are those deep limiting beliefs that you project on to the world? How is that creating your reality now?

Ours is the world of projections. We are all projecting and we are all caught in the web of projections. Our reality is our projections. The point is, find that little port, that inner piece of heaven. And observe how the world and people around you change. Help dissolve the web!

For those of you who are interested in deeper spiritual work with projections, check out the part 2 of this post: using the medicine wheel to take your projections on a ride.


My inner piece of heaven





26 thoughts on “Taking your Projections On a Ride, part 1

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  2. Beautiful photos and post. It is always good to be able to sit back and just watch…it helps to kind of take stock of life and yourself. When you take it a step further like you did, then wow…great. The line of “Only unhappy people could make such unhappy judgements” is very descriptive and I think we can bring that on ourselves more often than we realize. Love this post. Thank you.

    • Hiiii happy to hear from you 🙂
      I think there’s a remarkable difference between observing, as in watching, and judging, as in watching and projecting… When I do street photography I observe, and when I decide to take a shot, it has to happen so fast that the result can only be a gut feeling, a slight heart motion that nags you, i.e. no time to think about it, no time to judge. Ha! I like that 🙂 .
      This is how I took many moving photos of people dancing, with the sunset in their hair and smiles on their faces – many more than I posted.
      And no photos of ‘crooked’ people, because this was not the work of the ‘artist’ working from her heart. They were mental pictures, that I could easily transform once I realized what was going on.
      Your beautiful photography and moving posts come from observing with your heart. We feel that. Observing but not judging. That’s real art 😉 Luv xox

      • You have defined street shooting incredibly well: “a slight heart motion” that pulls at you and you capture with your camera. I think you must be in 7th Heaven with your new A7 🙂

  3. This post I loved . And you know what Shamanictracker.. I often people watch.. One day I caught myself in the same reflective mood… Watching people, how sad they seemed.. And then looked and caught my own reflection in the glass of the hospital waiting room… It was then this poem was born… Hope you don’t mind me sharing here with you .. It took me a while to find in my PC..

    Sitting on my seat, I watch them by the door
    Gloomy faces set in stone, eyes held to the floor
    I melt into the background of a sea of discontent
    Of thoughts they cannot hear, as their energy is spent

    A cloud that settled just above my head
    Pressed its weight, until I remembered what you said
    ‘Shine your Light Girl, Light a beacon in the Dark.
    And don’t worry if some days all you give is but a spark’

    ‘Remember a spark lights the biggest of all fires
    And I know Girl, of your inner most desires’
    So I looked up to the cloud whose colour was all grey
    And I used my thoughts to send it clean away

    Getting up from my seat I walked towards the door
    And I smiled into the eyes of those cast down to floor
    Some gazed back unsteady, as they hadn’t seen a smile
    Others lips did quiver as they hadn’t used one in a while

    Who was this strange woman, whose eyes were sparkling bright?
    As she smiled and said hello, to everyone in sight
    Heads did turn, murmurings were made
    And someone shouted, ‘maybe she is insane?’

    But I laughed now out loud as the sun shone down on me
    As I thanked my higher-self, for filling me with glee
    Happiness is all a state of mind
    So bring out the smiles for soon you will find

    You too can add your spark and brighten up your path
    So come on now SMILE! And Choose to Laugh.

    Sending you a crooked smile 😉 :-D… Love and Blessings
    Sue xx

    • Goose bumps all over!!! This is one of your best poems ever – and you have written so many great ones!! Thank you sooo much for sharing your experience and your poem with us. I’ll be rereading it many times remembering your crooked smile LOL 🙂 luv u xox

  4. LOL – My grandmother loved to people watch – we would sit on a bench or in the car, while my mom shopped and grandma would make observations and make-up stories about how that lady is really a princess, hiding from her evil uncle, etc., etc. – – She told me people watching affords you much entertainment, “But Tammy,” she cautioned,
    “Always remember we provide the same entertainment for others – so if you engage in people watching, remember to always gracefully take your turn on the stage”

    • Awww Tammy, I ❤ that nickname, it suits you so well! Can I cal you Tammy please 🙂
      Gotta respect your Grandma, she's very witty – just like you. She's given you some great advice and I'm happy you shared it here. xox

      • Yes – you may use “Tammy” – or you can use a nickname given to me by a co-worker after hearing grandma’s story – “Tammy Jo Lynn” – as if I needed another middle name! LOL

        My grandma was so wise and so much fun – her laugh always remained a giggle – when she got tickled over something, she’d giggle like a little girl and pretty soon, you’d be laughing at her giggling – never a dull moment with her, that’s for sure! 🙂

  5. I really love this piece. I am new to your page, but I always appreciate seeing people address the Shadow side of things, particularly confronting and embracing our perceived darkness as a path towards healing. Your post also reminds me of the transformative power of forgiveness. When we really seek out the root of our judging, I believe we are really longing to forgive ourselves, and heal ourselves of the negative energy we are sending out into the world through these projections. In doing so, we may find that forgiving others comes more naturally, as does greater compassion in general, a compassion which Sue speaks to quite beautifully in her poem.

    Thank you for this 🙂

    • Hi Amanda, I’m glad you stopped by 🙂 You are so right, the shadow work is always very deep healing work. At the root of it, there are always fears, many of them common fears, but never simple to bring to surface. When we are afraid, we are vulnerable, when we are vulnerable, we are highly unlikely to forgive. Working on our shadow makes us less vulnerable, less afraid, and more in touch with our essence. We gain grounding and objectivity towards self and towards others. True forgiveness and compassion always comes from an open heart. An open ❤ is loving but it is not vulnerable 😉 xox

  6. at first I thought your post was a quote from someone else that you were using to illustrate a point. The whole crooked thing thew me off a bit 🙂
    But I do love your honesty and I am very familiar with the projections and how mine usually show up. I like to people watch at the airport. For me it is an amazing place to be in the orbit of such a variety of people assembled to get from point A to point B. I also prefer quieter places to crowds ( except while people watching at the airport lol! ) This is a fascinating article, gonna jump over now to part Deux!

    xx Linda

    • Lol Linda!!! Yeah, our projections are shocking, aren’t they 🙂 . However funny, lame or banal we think they are, once we hear them out loud (or from another person’s mouth 😉 ) we start realizing their power…
      Enjoy a most beautiful weekend, luv xox

  7. people watching is the best. i live a few blocks from a beach and huge park, where the whole city gathers in evenings and on weekends. i love that every kind of person is represented – for all our differences, everyone’s pulled to the beach! sometimes those people trigger me to no end, and other times i feel such blissful connection with them and gratitude that we all share this beauty. none of ‘them’ have changed in my fluxing moods – it’s all what’s going on inside of me, me me! 🙂 and i’ve often realized that when i’m irritated with others, they’re actually showing me what i’m missing in my own life. ❤

    • Bravo! Love your simple words and examples 🙂 It’s great that you noticed how we are all different yet all connected. How our inner being determines our outer experience (and not the other way around…).
      I ❤ our connection 😉 Have fun this weekend xox

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  9. Key West is a most unique place in the world with fascinations that tantalize all the senses.
    It seems that it turned you off for the same reasons it did me. You share a most exciting inquiry.
    I long ago realized places like Key West had nothing for me.
    with love and light, Eddie

  10. Interesting take on the idea of projections. I’m digging the chilled out vibe of your muse. You really get a flavour of your surrounding environment into your work, it makes for a refreshing read!

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