Taking your Projections on a Ride, part 2

For those of you who are into deeper spiritual work, I suggest using the medicine wheel to take your projections on a ride. Set up your wheel in a way that you can stand in the center of the wheel but can (literally) step into south, west, north, and then east direction. Open the exercise by creating a sacred space  that allows for protection, guidance and healing. For those who are less familiar, the sacred space is a safe zone, and a timeless place where we are helped to discover, and even relive experiences that hold us back, in safe and empowering ways. And to acquire knowledge and integrate the healing from such experiences in permanent ways, changing our luminous body and taking control of our destiny.

Here’s the exercise :

Place yourself in the center of the wheel, the place of spirit. Set your intent to either work on your global projections, or choose one specific pattern or issue you have going on in your life that you find difficult to resolve. You may choose to have a sacred witness for this exercise, in addition to your own spirit guides.

Step into South – the place of physical and literalprojections

Ask yourself (or have the sacred witness ask you):
What is wrong with my world?

Listen to your judgments and projections. Say them out loud. If you find this initial step difficult, try to focus on what you feel in your body instead of it being a mental exercise. Or rephrase the question and ask yourself:  ‘What is wrong with the world at large?’.

Example: They always want something from me. They abuse my weakness. The don’t deserve my love.

Step into West – the place of emotional, karmic, and genetic

Ask yourself (or have the sacred witness ask you):
What is wrong with me?

Listen to yourself owning your judgments and projections. Allow and observe the emotions that may come up.

Example: I always want something from me. I abuse my weakness. I don’t deserve my love.

Step into North – the place of soul, our essential nature and our essential self

Ask yourself (or have the sacred witness ask you):
Why have I created these projections? What are the secondary benefits?

Honor that you can perceive your projections, recognize the role they have played for you, and say ‘thank yous’ for the lessons learnt.

Example: When I love myself, I am a better person. When I recognize my own strengths, I can take a stand and keep others safe. When I give myself space and time, I am more patient and present for others. Thank you for allowing me to see my capacities.

Step into East – the place of spirit and of visionary

Ask yourself (or have the sacred witness ask you):
What do I want for my life now?

Break free from the grip of your thoughts and be aware of what you are creating. Take your residency in the world of spirit.

Example: When I let go of the need to love or be loved, when I let go of the idea of power, when I let go of all my wants, I am not casting any shadow and I am transparent to others. I know my destiny and I hold my place in the becoming, free of attachments.

Step back into the center of the medicine wheel
Breathe deeply in the place of stillness, allowing your luminous body to reconfigurate. Close the sacred space and thank your sacred witness and your spirit guides. Aho!

7 thoughts on “Taking your Projections on a Ride, part 2

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    • Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I was trying to make it as clear and concise as possible, trusting that those who are doing spiritual practices already will be able to pick up and build on it… Let me know how it works for you if ever you decide try it out 😉 xox

  2. Yes, yes, yes…. projections so undeniably make up the mental filter through which all things are viewed…you so wonderfully described how projections function in part I. Part II is worth it —> sometimes there are beautiful things in the net that we cast out as “not ours” too. Not just the unwanted stuff. 🙂 Love your posts~

  3. Wonderful……… Big smiles as I feel the freedom of Spirit soar taking me with it with no limitations other than I put upon myself.. Letting go of … I am enjoying riding with you you Shamanictrackng.. 😀 xxx Love and Blessings Sue xox

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