Her Mother’s love

She is sitting alone
Yearning for love
That She once had
Only her Mother
Loved her That way
With warmth and understanding
Her Mother could hug
With so much love
She would overwhelm her world
With the enormous love waves
The only waves
She was never afraid of
She would jump in
Without a thought
Never looking behind
Fully trusting
That her Mother’s love
Can save her world
From sinking deep into forgetfulness
Of an unforgiving heart.


11 thoughts on “Her Mother’s love

    • Heeey Mike, how r u? Seem to be a busy bee 🙂
      I’m really good thanks. Looking forward to my one month in Thailand soon. Remind me of the place you mentioned I had to visit when in Thailand again? I have some great news, I got myself a brand new camera 😉 Can’t wait to try it out xox

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