Happy Summer with Quetzalcoatl, keeper of the middle world

A special gift from a special little client, sharing with his permission and with my best wishes for a Happy Summer ❤ xox

17 thoughts on “Happy Summer with Quetzalcoatl, keeper of the middle world

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    • Hiiiii, missed you too!!! Always thinking about you my favorite gals at WP ❤
      Not sure will have time to catch up before leaving tomorrow, but will keep in touch. Big big kiss to you xox

      • oh you are leaving tomorrow? Have a fascinating, relaxing, exciting, live filled adventure! Email me when you get back ( or before if feasible)

        big hug and kiss back sweetie!

        xx Linda

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  4. WOW!

    Quetzal ought to feel loved with this one. I have enjoyed working with his energies for years.

    Not very many folks too much about Quetzalcoatl and this is such a shame. He was considered to be one of the most-loved of the Gods of Meso-America.

    My hat’s off to the talented youngster who did such a fine piece of work!

    May “Quetzal” smile his gracious Light upon those who would do him such high honor!

    – Rev. Dragon’s Eye

    • I had a dream about Quetzalcoatl a month ago. I had never heard of him before and was only given his name in my dream. I was amazed when I started researching him. Does he work as a spirit guide? What does it mean when he comes to you? Thanks !

      • Lovely question!

        Quetzalcoatl (and as His other possible name: Kukulkan) has meant much to me as a symbol and ideology of expanding one’s own perceptions and expanding one’s own personal exploration in the realm of Mind and Spirit. “Quetzal” apprises the Upper Worlds (“Heavens”, etc) and challenges us to explore all things throughout it. Quetzal embraces the idea of becoming multi-talented and multi-disciplined (hence, by a decsription of Him being of multi-colors, IE: “The Rainbow Serpent” to some).


        When I receive a visit from Him,

        It is time for me to explore another aspect of “knowing” and to continue my search for more answers, and clarify what I already was exposed to.

        Because He is also described as “serpentine”, the “serpent”, or snake, was an ancient shamanic symbol for change/transformation. Nature is all about changes, and even pressures all things to “evolve” in order to acclimate to those changes and flourish.


        Quetzal still holds many yet-to-be-discovered mysteries. Those I am seeking on my own path.

        – Rev. Dragon’s Eye

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