This summer: Dance your heart out

This summer wake up to the beats of your favorite tune or two. Seriously, try wiggling your body and shaking your booty while still in bed or get up and dance. It will get your heart rate going and you will feel lively and energized very quickly. I know some of us ❤ waking up slowly and lazily, but this is what the winter is for: hibernation 🙂 . Summer is all about lifting our mood, waking up early and seizing the day. You can combine your little dancing gig with jumping jacks or crunches to create a few-minute high-intensity exercises that you can repeat every morning, or even 2-3 times a day.

If you are lucky to be living in a house, duplex or a private residence, dance your favorite tune up and down the stairs. I have read somewhere that walking up the stairs employs over 200 muscles?!

This will be a fun and efficient way to integrate some physical activity into your day, feel healthy and upbeat, and yes! feel comfortable flashing some skin this summer.

Share with us your favorite summer tunes or short & sweet dance and body workouts!

This is my favorite workout this summer, Anna Renderer’s 10-minute Ultimate bikini body workout.

I am very lucky to live by the Association for Promotion of Jazz, improvised and Afro-american music, so I often wake up to some really awesome live music beats 🙂 I am sharing with you my own ultimate playlist for this summer:

Dance Your Heart Out

Enjoy! xox


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