This summer: Flash some skin

Don’t be afraid of the sun rays. Except for helping your body produce vitamin D, sunlight is an excellent source of healing for your entire body. Sunlight can illuminate each of one your cells! But it needs some skin exposure to do its job well. Many of us accumulate stress in our head, neck, shoulders and back areas. Now, I’m not suggesting to expose your entire derrière to the sun (and the world) 🙂 . Though that would be an interesting experience – I did spend one summer in a nudist camp in Corsica (some other time about that hahahaha) There is another way, without involving any nudity. For the best result, sit in the sun for about 20 minutes a day with your eyes closed, either in the early morning or late afternoon. Lean your head slightly backwards, allowing sunlight to come through your eyelids (keep your eyes closed!),  feeling the light and heat coming in through your eye lids, down into your neck, down your spine into the base area – this is where you will let it build up, charging you with the energy for the day; and for the year! Our bodies really have a great capacity to store sun energy in our cells for a long time.

Channeling sunlight this way will help dissolve the ‘bundles of stress’ throughout the back side of your body, reestablishing the normal flow of energy in your brainstem. Your brainstem, the posterior part of your brain, is in your neck area connecting with the spinal cord, and this is where all the nerve connections of the motor and sensory systems are passing through. Our brainstem also activates our awakeness, alertness, consciousness i.e. our arousal system, for your higher brain functions to be able to operate. So get out and enjoy that sun.

14 thoughts on “This summer: Flash some skin

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  4. Wonderful advice, and we have a double seat swing, I just love curling up on with a book, and when resting often throw my head back and soak in the Suns rays…. so far here we have had a great start to our Summer Sun… 🙂 I had my lunch on the swing seat today, and its the best stress buster ever.. 🙂

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