This summer: Radiate love

If you don’t want to go body-to-body, there are many other ways to express love. For example, one of my lady loves surprised me with a beautiful rose on a Sunday morning. And another spoiled me with an early birthday gift: a t-shirt full of love.

Other ways you can radiate love:

Support a cause you believe in
You may for example choose to show love by supporting a cause you believe in. I have recently donated to help an autistic child attend his first summer camp. Any of you who were privileged to have a close contact with autistic children (or children on the autistic spectrum), will know that the stories about them being the so called ‘indigo’ or ‘crystal’ children are extremely simplified and only half true… And that many times it takes much love, care and effort for them to be able to function in society and with others. Whereas they may have special gifts or (spiritual) sensitivities that we should certainly build on, I firmly believe that it is equally important that they get exposed to as many life experiences as possible. My heart beams with light that one such experience will be made possible for this young chap and his family.

Join in an action that makes your heart beat faster
What makes your heart beat faster? I have an amazing love for big waters and am looking forward to joining in the action to clean our beautiful lake and its shores later this summer.

Share your passion
For me passion = life, and without passion our love experiences are lesser. I have friends who take their young animal lovers to befriend and walk dogs from the local animal shelter. I have heard that they have fallen in love with their four-legged friends more than once hoping the walks never end 🙂 . I bet you the love is reciprocal.

Write online love letters
Love is the strongest medicine. All we need is love 🙂 If you have some spare love to send this summer, check out the latest love requests @ More Love Letters

Shop indigenous
Next time you are thinking of offering a gift of love, do it in a way that also supports indigenous communities. Check out my good friend’s, Yoshi Shimizu‘s, amazing photography prints that support his personal Intangible Cultural Heritage project (endorsed by UNESCO). He has for example documented the life and work of the Kallawaya, a group of traditional shaman healers living in the Andes of Bolivia. I promise his photography will touch your heart and hearts of those you love.

Buy the DVD or watch online for a small donation a beautiful movie The Road to Qero’s. And help support their community of the last Inka medicine men.

Spoil yourself with some beautiful and authentic native art and fashion pieces @ Rezonate Art – an indigenous art collective, @ Beyond Buckskin Boutique – native fashion and style by emerging and established native artists, @ Manitobah Mukluks – aboriginal footware company that is aboriginal owned, works with local aboriginal artists, and invests in aboriginal education and employment.

Well my loves, this is it from me for this summer. Don’t hesitate to share your favorite Radiate ❤ ideas in the comments section xox



5 thoughts on “This summer: Radiate love

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  3. What an amazing collection of places you have put together to link into here… You radiate Love.. and Enjoy a WONDERFUL HAPPY SUMMER my friend… I know Thailand will be amazing… take care I know you do and will, and enjoy and I look forward to hearing about your adventures 🙂
    Happy Summer..<3 Hugs Sue xxx

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