My Thanks Giving

THANK YOU Sun for being my long forgotten friend Who knows me to my bones and Shines on them throughout my being Shedding light on every cell Illuminating my heart and my smile. Clouds for coming by from time to time Waving hello in different shapes Making me laugh at your marvelous imagination Making me

What will you Leave Behind?

Inspired by Bangkok-based artist’s, Nino Sarabutra’s, exhibition “What will you leave behind?”. She filled the floor of Ardel Gallery in Bangkok with 100,000 miniature porcelain skulls, inviting visitors to walk on them contemplating the question… (also blogged about at

Sengenya dance

Can you hear the drums Beating in the dust Hidden by the trees And houses of mud? Can you find the passage Guarded by the goats Grazing the tall grass Moving in circles? Lines are forming, Women then men, Bright colored dresses, Bright lined skirts. Moving their feet, shaking their bodies in a simple rhythm,