Nature Deficit Disorder

what can this tree

It’s time to re-wild our children

*Inspired by the Project Wild Thing documentary  encouraging children to trade 30 minutes of screen time a day to spend more time in nature and outdoors.

“The tragic truth is that kids have lost touch with nature and the outdoors in just one generation. Time spent outdoors is down, roaming ranges have fallen drastically, activity levels are declining and the ability to identify common species has been lost.” – Andy Simpson, chairman of the Wild Network

4 thoughts on “Nature Deficit Disorder

  1. This is such an important conversation in the western societies. When we divorced ourselves from Nature, we divorced ourselves from our own nature. It is a rubric that cannot be separated. We are biologically of our Mother Earth. All that we require to exist come from her. Our temporary aberrant behavior against her is also against ourself. Some are recognizing that and, like this author, calling our attention to that.

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