How do I practice spirituality 4: I Eat Healthy Foods

I often get asked about how do I practice spirituality, and I jokingly say “I Don’t” 🙂 . I live spirituality. Life is a spiritual experience, whether we are aware of it or not. I discern spiritual people by their acts in life, not by their practice…

Now, when it comes to cultivating awareness (of the spirit), yes spiritual practice is important. I have clients from all walks of life, who are spiritually aware in different degrees. But to all of them I say the same thing: “Get your basics right!”. All too often we try to do too much at the beginning and end up not doing anything… Moderate but constant effort is primordial!

So here are my 5 basics. I apologize in advance to my Facebook followers for some repetition… If you are not a follower yet, but would like to become, click on the link and ‘like’ my page. Please feel free to share any comments or links either here on my blog or on my FB page.
WP bloggers don’t hesitate to share your links if your blog is related to any of my 5 basics, I would love to hear from you!

1. Breathing – How do I practice spirituality 1: I Breathe

2. Meditation – How do I practice spirituality 2: I Meditate 

3. Physical Exercise – How do I practice spirituality 3: I Exercise

spiritual practice 4, eat healthy

We are what we eat

4. Eat Healthy Foods
Food is energy. What we decide to put into our mouth will either feed or harm our body and soul. Eating the right foods and drinking lots of clean water help provide balance inside our bodies.  A healthy and balanced gut equals a clear and balanced mind.

Our modern society doesn’t have a nutrient structure to deal with the stresses and toxins in our daily lives. We are often misinformed about what food is good for us. There is a great chance that our grandparents would not recognize many things we eat today… And If everyone ate as a typical European, we would need 2 planets to feed us by 2050 (it is 4 planets for the American diet).

So you gotta do your research and decide your priorities. Food which is good for you is good for the planet!

I personally do not eat any meat or meat products, out of respect for nature, for the planet (I ♥ Pachamama), for my own body and for animal (archetype) energies I work with. I try to stay away from dairy, coffee, alcohol, excess sugar, processed and chemically enhanced foods. I call myself a pescetarian because I sometimes enjoy seafood. I love to cook and it is important to me that I use whole and organic foods, or foods coming from a sustainable economy and resources. I am easy going when I eat out, partying, or when I am invited to other people’s places. And I love love ice-cream! But these are my choices.

One simple piece of advice I can give you is that you can never go wrong eating lots of seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables. And your food will always taste better with vitamin packed fresh herbs, or super spices such as turmeric, cumin and cinnamon. If you, like me, struggle with drinking water, you can always use fresh lemon, ginger or mint to enhance the flavor. Or drink green tea. Japanese Genmacha is my favorite. To help you ground, eat plenty of seasonal earthy foods: pumpkin, butternut, mushrooms, chestnuts, potatoes and the oh so sweet figs. MMMMM yummy yum! Bon appétit 🙂

One great food source I always trust is Marion Nestle’s blog at

Breaking news on Food & Beverage development for Europe at Food Navigator (they also have links for Asia and the US)

Knowledge for healthy eating at the Harvard School of Public Health: The Nutrition Source

The natural living collective Vital Living (links), promotes raw food and vegetarian diet

I like Mark Bittman‘s recipes, he is not a chef and his food is healthy, quick and simple to make

5. Having fun – How do I practice spirituality 5: I Have Fun

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  2. Such great things seem to flow to use when we begin to find the balance in the basics of living – body/heart/mind, silence/sound, motion/stillness, nutrition/ease – thank you for sharing the balance found on you journey. xo! marga

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