Making Love to the Present Moment

Releasing the illusions of the past,

Ignoring the worries of the future,

I allow myself to be,

To feel positive and negative of each moment,

With nothing to hide,

I am jumping high,

In the passionate embrace

Of the present moment

making love to present


12 thoughts on “Making Love to the Present Moment

    • April’s been an emotional roller coaster… I am hanging on in there and having the ride of my life 🙂 xox
      p.s. hoping that the spiritual tool box that I have been collecting will support the landing 😉

    • Have received many messages about this month but the best one says ” It might be easy for us to get emotionally involved in the relatively small upsets or events of our daily lives, at the expense of seeing the greater picture.”
      Keep reminding myself that it is a bumpy unpleasant ride for all of us… And that whatever personal emissions we radiate contribute to the Whole.Thanks for sharing your experience, good to know I’m not in this alone 🙂 xox

  1. Love this, Oh if only more could ‘Make Love to the Present Moment’ and live in the Now instead of the past or future.. We spend so much time in worrying over words said, past deeds, the Past as history as a whole which is brought up over and over again into our conscious Now.. Its then reflected into the future as we then chew on the past to regurgitate it and project it into the future.. Like a Missile we aim it , little understanding it has a homing device upon it.. And what we send out we also receive back… LOL…
    If more would just let go and LIVE in the NOW.. Oh what a difference that would be.. People miss so much of their NOW moments.. in worry over the past and future… They then look back and say where did time go? what did we do? ..

    April is a time of renewal as we spring clean our homes and gardens,, Lets not forget to spring clean our minds, and allow them the room to grow in the NOW.. For we only live in this Moment.. not one minute past or one minute in the future …

    Wonderful Post .. Much Love dear sister . 🙂
    Sue xox

    • She Who Speaks the Truth! You, my wise Sister 🙂
      I just read an article about Oprah commenting on her 60s b-day saying how her biggest regret in life is that she wasted too much time worrying about so many (un)important things that turned out didn’t really matter in the scheme of things, and how the advantage of aging is that she learnt not to worry as much and enjoy every moment for what it is (or something like that…). I hope that many more of us can learn to enjoy the present moment early on – like right NOW 🙂 Luv u xox

      • Funny you should mention Oprah’s 60th LOL as its also mine on May Day.. 🙂 and once upon a time I dreaded my 30th and 40th LOL, At 50 I knew so much more and embraced it.. And my 60th I embrace it even more… Why because I am ageless and as old as time itself.. And I am still that Spring Chicken at heart 🙂 Hehe…. Have a Fabulous weekend… Now I am fathoming what to post? as I churn over my ‘Old/young’ grey matter LOL.. Sending a Hug right back at ya! kiddo 🙂 haha! 🙂

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