This summer: Indulge your senses

This summer open up to other people and body-to-body fun and play. It is known that we spiritual practitioners, and spiritually aware human beings, often shy away from bodily touch with strangers (unless of course it’s work related) in fear of picking up various harmful energies from them. Quetzalcoatl is inviting you to mingle more with the crowds and allow your body to connect with your environment and your fellow five-fingured creatures. So this summer:

Hear: music. Fight your fear of crowds and energy drainers by joining in the open air concerts and music festivals. Another way to dance your heart out 😉 .

Taste: new foods and drinks. On your local market, or even while traveling, pick fruits and vegetables that either you are not familiar with or have never tried. For example, one day on my local market I noticed the local Italian crowd getting all excited over cima di rapa (which is a turnip green) and I bought a bunch not knowing how to use it. I ventured stir frying it with some feta cheese and it tasted great! One of our favorite family games, that we occasionally play with our guests too, is tasting foods and drinks blind-folded. We always get a kick out of it.

Who says summer says ice-cream 🙂 . I have already started indulging in my favorite desert: vanilla ice-cream with red fruits, maple syrup, a spoon full of delicious organic crunchy peanut butter, sprinkled with cinnamon.

See: green. A healthier novelty on our menu: green juices. I will admit that the taste isn’t the best but who can resist that bright green color? Give your body a real power boost by blending spinach, water cress and roman lettuce with some yummy seasonal red fruits.

Feel: sensual. Use a mix of tropical fruits and drinks on your body to create pleasurable experiences. Indulge in home-made beauty treatments and create sensual full body massage experiences. Or create a sensual food play with your partner – who could forget the most sensual food play ever from the iconic erotic movie 9 and a half weeks 😉

Touch: a body massage with total strangers. This is my personal challenge. Even though I am a warm person and connect easily with others, I have always had difficulty being touched by strangers. And I was never fond of massage of any kind… This summer in Thailand, I set my intention to overcome my fear by experiencing either a foot massage in the street, or full body massage in one of the (clean) parlors with big street windows – I deemed this to be one of the strangest tourist attractions I saw in Thailand last time 🙂

Cuddle: with the four-legged. I have been on a safari in Africa before and loved loved seeing the wild animals in their natural (even if limited) environment roaming free. Unfortunately in Asia many of our four-legged friends don’t even have limited natural areas that are safe for them to roam about, and are facing extinction (such as tigers). This is why, in spite of all the controversy, I have decided to visit an elephant and tiger sanctuary while in Thailand. I have carefully selected the ones that seemingly have the best reputation. If I am to choose between taking care of animals in captivity, with ethics, or seeing them disappear entirely, I am choosing the former. And have to admit that the ideas of bathing, feeding and playing with elephants (no elephant riding for me), and interacting close with tigers do make me excited. Voice your opinion here, I am keen to hear your views on this…

7 thoughts on “This summer: Indulge your senses

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  4. Thank you for this post, a great reminder as to what summer is meant to be ~ a time to indulge senses and enjoy what life has to offer. Beautiful. Wish you safe and wonderful travels!

  5. Wonderful advice here my friend… I have been experimenting with spices this Summer, and loving the results, I stir-fried some courgettes with spices today, And we are growing Butternut Squash for the first time and I made gooseberry icecream a first for me… And WOW! is it good…. I am loving my spare ME time as I cut down my relief work hours to only 3 shifts a week for July… so days in-between work to enjoy and get in the allotments.. .. Wonderful Post.. and loved the links.. xox
    Blessings sister..
    Sue xxx

  6. I am glad you mentioned cuddling with the four legged. As an animal lover, I enjoy seeing the effect the warm summer sun has on my oldest dog Tito. At six he should not be considered very old but he is a giant breed and has hip dysplasia. His back and hips get creaky and painful in the colder months and I give him turmeric to help ease his joints. He loves the sun and seems to get younger every year as the weather gets warmer.

    I have also visited an elephant sanctuary in Thailand – in Chiang Mai. I believe there are good and bad mahouts. Those who love the elephants and those who see them as cash cows. There is no question that the elephants loved the river bathe though. And Thailand is very beautiful. Lovely people. Good for the soul.

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