On my list of favorite things

summerNº1 is SUMMER

I am a summer child born in love with sunshine and water. I crave the long hot days, the feeling of spaciousness that comes with spending more time outside, and the freedom of wearing less clothes. Summer is my adventure time and summer is when I blossom.

As I am dancing away in my little Summer Solstice ceremony welcoming my favorite season, I am also honoring Quetzalquatl – the Keeper of the Middle World (our physical world). As I begin to connect with Quetzalcoatl, I embody him moving as he does. I become connected with the Mother Earth and the Father Sun. And I am reminded to enjoy living in the present moment.

Our (physical) world may seem crazy right now and I hear some of us share sadness and fear that things are getting out of hand. Civil war, conflict, terrorist attacks, the rape epidemic, random mass shootings, kidnappings of school girls, mass evictions of indigenous communities, rampant climate change, etc. The list of terrifying news all over the world is unfortunately interminable.

Talking to my grandmothers, who are both in their 90s, I have come to realize that however much we may think we are going through there are always those that have gone through more. I come from a lineage of strong women and I have some great role models to look up to. But I am also  the creator of my own destiny. Living in the now. And that now is fast paced, it’s different and it’s unique.

As I am preparing for my one month trip to Thailand, I get asked if it is safe to travel to a country that just went through a military coup… I think it is fair to say that we live in the world where the concept of safety doesn’t have the same meaning anymore. If we let the news from the outside world influence our feelings of safety, we may end up living very limited life experiences. If our ‘now’ is stressing you, maybe it’s time to stop taking it all in. Switch off the TV, take a break from spending too much time on the computer, phone and other mobile devices. Sometimes our fear of being ‘disconnected’ is keeping us connected to the permanent source of stress, outside of us. And we miss the point… That the true connection comes from within. It is only within that, even in these troubling times, we can cultivate and embrace a world of beauty, truth and peace.

My shamanic work implies using my body as a vehicle for spiritual work and spiritual experiences that can be exhausting longer term. Some of you know that I am on a prolonged break from client work letting my body recuperate from all the hard work it did for me and others. I have learnt, somewhat the hard way, that we can be of no service to anybody if we do not take care of our “self” first. I have often seeked allies to help me connect with the lower and upper worlds. This summer I am seeking to connect with my immediate world, the Middle world, the world of the “five-fingured” 🙂 .

Here’s my hint for keeping more centered and experiencing silence very quickly this summer: listen to what you cannot hear. Your breath! Seems evident but you will be surprised. We are often instructed to focus on our breath while meditating for example. But listening to our breath instead stops the inner chatter immediately. Try it and let me know how it goes. And most of all take time to breathe in sunshine.

Below are some more ideas on how to keep your body happy, well and connected, your soul still and fearless, and your mind focused on the blessings of the beautiful summer season. You can learn more about each idea by clicking on it.

Hope these series of posts will keep you amused during my absence in July and August. Lovely summer to all!!! And mucho ❤ xox

This summer:

Dance your heart out – wake up to the beats of your favorite tune or two 😉

Flash some skin – yaaaaaay summer 🙂

Indulge your senses – open up to other people and body-to-body fun and play

Radiate love – there are many ways to express love

Grow your ideas from bud to bloom

12 thoughts on “On my list of favorite things

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  2. Beautiful post…and Thailand is going to be perfect for the summer girl you are! Enjoy and dance, flash indulge, love and keep moving forward. Cheers!

    • Thank soooo much Randy, u r my true WP pal 🙂 . Always so great to hear from u & view ur amaaaazing posts! Thanks also for ur help w the camera. M about to take off, yaaaay Thailand 🙂 xox

  3. Such a profound post Shamanictracker.. I so agree with your thoughts here.. There is lots in the world we can get caught up in, and worry about all the problems going on in it.. Yet while we do that we are missing living in our own hearts within our own now moments…. I am Singing and smiling more… And I am definitely growing buds to bloom!….
    Enjoy your Summer, and so pleased you taking time out to recoup and relax, So important when we work with others energies..
    Love and Blessings.. and OH boy have you been busy with your posts 🙂 xxx

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